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Mississauga Criminal Lawyers

Mississauga Criminal Lawyers have the expertise to fight your case with utmost professionalism and integrity. We have the prosecutorial experience to understand your case and take it to a successful conclusion. We provide confidential consultations that can give you a better idea of the severity of your criminal charges. And fight for your right. Bottom line, you’re hiring a one of the top criminal defense law firms who knows when to fight, and how to win.

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Legal Practices Area

Sexual Assault

It is a fact that sexual assault charges are taken extremely seriously by the court and by society as a whole. The accusation

Domestic Assault

Since they are highly specific and often emotionally charged for all parties involved, domestic assault allegations should

Impaired Driving

Anyone can have a bad day and get behind the wheel after having had a few drinks. If you have received allegations for drinking

Bail Hearing

When an individual has got arrested and has charges pressed against him, he is automatically entitled to a bail hearing unless

Murder & Manslaughter

The most serious offence that a person can be charged with is murder. In this situation, it is paramount for the accused to

Young Offender

A young offender is a person between the ages of 12 and 17 who has been accused of a crime. All youth offence cases are .


There are various types of offences defined by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act known as CDSA for short. Some of them are


Even though it is often regarded as minor offence, theft should never be taken lightly. Depending on the value of the stolen item

Firearm & Weapons Offence

The Law in Canada is very strict in case of Firearm or Weapon Possession. It is illegal to have a weapon dangerous

White Collar Fraud

There is a wide array of White Collar Fraud offences and each one is highly specific. Even though the physical well-being of


Driving under influence is a criminal offence listed in the Criminal Code of Canada. If the Crown proves its case, this can

Guns & Gangs

With a specialized unit for guns and gangs consisting of experienced police officers and prosecutors, the cases involving

Expert Legal Services

Mississauga Criminal Lawyers provide first-class representation to individuals facing criminal charges from theft and drug possession to domestic assault and sexual assault. Our firm has long-term experience and some of the best specialized lawyers in the local area. Our clients receive full representation at bail hearings, trials and appeals. Our team will be there for you at all times. We will use all of our expertise and talent to protect your rights.

Skilled Specialists

Knowledge, professional skills and experience are the main factors making criminal lawyers Mississauga successful. All of our counselors possess them and work with determination and resilience to provide the best legal services. The attorneys on our team have received their education at the top institutions in Canada and have narrow specialization in criminal law. Each of our legal team members possess exceptional professional skills and excellent interpersonal skills as well. Our support staff consists of highly qualified individuals who do their job excellently to ensure that the legal work and the communication with the clients go smoothly at all times.

Our lawyers have litigated criminal cases of various sizes and levels of complexity. We are very proud of our record of achievement and intend to accomplish even greater things in the future. Our solid background and our zeal to constantly evolve and stay up to date with the latest trends in the legal profession make us a top choice for those charged with a Criminal Code offence.

Personal Attention

We understand perfectly how serious and stressful it is for an individual to be charged with a crime. That is why your legal counselor and our whole team will be by your side from the moment you reach us for assistance. You will always be welcome to ask questions and will receive detailed answers timely. All procedures and processes will be explained to you. We will ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible in the situation that has arisen.

Rely on Mississauga Criminal Lawyers to fight for you by combining deep knowledge of the Canadian legal system, skills and passion. The building of a strong and completely foolproof defence strategy is our specialty. Your lawyer will implement it meticulously using extensive expertise built over years of working in the field of criminal law. The focus is always on achieving the best end result.

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Do not settle when it comes to your future. Benefit from Mississauga criminal defense law firm’s commitment, reputation, and aggressive advocacy. Call now to schedule a confidential initial consultation.

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    When we say “every client matters,” we mean it. A custom-tailored client experience. No obligation, confidential initial consultation.

    We are known to stand out within the legal community for a variety of reasons, not least of which is that our clients are served by hard-working, successful, aggressive and knowledgeable professionals who handle only criminal law cases; our devotion to and experience in advocacy for people who have been seriously affected has been demonstrated in a series of successful cases, whether through a favorable settlement or judgment following trial.


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    • I received an honest and straightforward advice from Mississauga Criminal Lawyers, without ever feeling any rush or ever feeling my questions were insignificant. The help I received from them was of utmost integrity. I appreciated their aggressiveness, expertise and due diligence in helping me plan for the future. They are very personable and compassionate. I highly recommend them.

    • It was a very tough time of my life when I was charged with assault and attempt to murder. Attorneys from Mississauga criminal lawyers worked with me very diligently and all of my charges were dropped. During the time their lawyers were always reachable and treated me like a normal person instead of a criminal. I would recommend John’s services to anyone who might need them.

    • I am not in favor of having a system of justice that requires hiring a lawyer, to get through any situation that arises, to protect yourself and family. Having said that, I recently hired Mississauga criminal lawyers to help me with my litigation, and found them and their office staff to be very helpful, compassionate and professional. When required, I would recommend their lawyers to everyone.

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