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It is a fact that sexual assault charges are taken extremely seriously by the court and by society as a whole. The accusation alone can have a huge negative impact on the individual’s reputation and on their ability to find employment in the future. If you are facing such charges, seek the services of Sexual Assault Lawyer Mississauga without delay. Our firm has been litigating sexual assault cases for many years now. We have excellently prepared specialist lawyers who combine their expert knowledge, skills and talent to provide the best legal representation to the client. We have an exemplary track record of success and this gives us confidence to take up even highly specific and complex cases. Rely on us to receive full legal assistance from start to finish.

Usually, sexual assault cases are complicated by nature due to the fact that they involve different types of evidence including scientific evidence like DNA tests. There are also various psychological aspects that have to be considered. Even though there are clear legal definitions of terms such as “consent” there are many different layers to them and they are subject to interpretation.

In this challenging situation, you can count on Sexual Assault Lawyer Mississauga to provide brilliant legal defence. Your legal counsel will first study the case in detail and find as much as possible about the complainant. Armed with this valuable information, our professional will develop a solid strategy based on the most effective tools for defence. Other experts will be summoned to provide support if required. The list can include private investigators and science specialists.

One of our top priorities is to prepare you for the road that lies ahead in the most effective way possible. You will have our full attention and support at all times. Feel free to talk to your lawyer about anything that concerns you and you will receive a thorough answer to every question. Our whole team will be available to assist you with anything that you might need. We will do our best to ensure that you have confidence throughout the whole process.

Your Sexual Assault Lawyer Mississauga will implement the precisely defined strategy for defending your case excellently with zeal and hard work. The risk of unpleasant surprises will be reduced to the minimum. Our goal is always results-orientated.

If you are charged with sexual assault, get in touch with us now to receive full expert legal advice and representation.

Our Process

Our Process

1. Planning The Case

The very first step of bringing client onboard is to have a no obligation consultation.

2. Evaluate Situation

Then comes the evaluation of the situation. And building the case background.

3. File The Case To The Court

After building the whole case, now is the time to fight it in the court.

4. Gather More Information

As we fight the case, we keep on collecting more information to support the case.


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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there.

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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there.

Planning The Case

Evaluate Situation

File The Case To The Court

Gather More Information

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